Welcome to Coaching Tech Tips!

Technology can be overwhelming. But it can also be wonderful, and some things that are really useful are also really easy to do, if you only have someone to show you.

This CoachingTechTips site was built from small tutorials that were written to help Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaches to do the things they need to do to participate in classes, and to build and run their coaching practices. But, in fact, everything in here is generally useful, whether you are a life coach or not. There are mini-tutorials here on how to listen to .mp3 files from your cell phone, how to transfer files using a cloud-based service, and how to set up Acuity scheduling software. All are welcome here who find any of this useful.

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Note: The tutorials here are based on Windows, because that is what I have and use. If anyone wants to add Mac equivalents here, please contact me.

Disclaimer: Although the author and targeted users of this site are Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaches, this site is not sponsored by, and has no official connection with Martha Beck or the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaching Program.