Hi! I’m Dale Johnson, maintainer of CoachingTechTips. My self-identity has been as a 50+ year (retired) computer programmer who happened across Martha Beck Life Coaching and couldn’t understand why he loved that stuff so much, but Martha told me once that I had actually been a Shaman/Healer for many lifetimes, and it was my being in computer programming that was the aberation.

At any rate, I’m an ex-computer-programmer who has taken a lot of Martha Beck Life Coaching courses since 2014. Although there are many coaches who are extremely tech-savvy, many others aren’t, so I’ve found myself doing bits of technical teaching and tutorials for The Team. After several years of producing this kind of tutorial and then watching those tutorials disappear after I posted them in temporary forums, I decided to create this CoachingTechTips as a place where this kind of tutorial could have a semi-permanent home.

Technology is overwhelming to almost everyone, including technology professionals. But technology is also wonderful: there is an ever-increasing supply of really-quite-easy things that can help normal people (and Coaches!) to do things that they need to do to get their jobs done. My intent is that this site become a collection of really-pretty-simple tutorials on how to do really useful things that don’t take much effort to learn and are (mostly) free.

If any of this sounds intriguing, you might check out Martha Beck’s Website, or my “About Me” page.

May we All Take Creative Flight!