Acuity: Start yours in 20 minutes:

This page accompanies Dale’s CoachSpot call on January 31.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Welcome; In a word or two: How do you feel about learning New Software?
  • Poll: Why Online Scheduling?
  • Demo of what your client sees:
  • Poll: What do you think Acuity needs from you?
  • Free? Or $15 (or more) per Month?
  • Getting Help
  • Walkthrough the online configuration (screenshots below).

Free? Or $15/Month Version?

When you first configure Acuity, it sets you up with a one-week free trial of the $15/month “Emerging Entrepreneur” version. It only takes a few clicks (described below) to “downgrade” to the “Free for Life” version. This may well give you everything you need: the calendar, the ability for clients to make their own appointments with you, email notifications. Acuity’s list of features seems to indicated that you need a paid version to have your clients be able to schedule using their own timezone, but experimentally that seems to work in the free version, too.

In the $15/month “Emerging Entrepreneur” version, you can also synchronize your Google or Iphone calendar with the Acuity calendar: changes to either one get mirrored into the other. You can also integrate with PayPal, Stripe, or other systems to require clients to make payments before they are allowed to make appointments. More expensive versions support coupons, multiple-person appointments, packages, etc.

Acuity’s pricing page is here:

Getting Help

Acuity does not have phone support, but they answer emails within hours. They have extensive tutorials (start here: ) and webinars. They also have a list of Acuity Gurus who are private consultants who you can pay to do anyting Acuity that you want.

Configuring Acuity, Step by Step:

Go to . Click “Try it Now”
Enter your Email and a new Password. Check the Box. Click the “Create” Button.
Enter your Business Name, “Life Coaching” (or “Wayfinding”?), and Your Name. Press “Go”
Click on the “Monday” box to enter your schedule for Mondays. The “Save Regular Hours” button (2) only appears after you make a change to a weekday. You can also add overrides to your regular schedule below (3).
Click “Next create your appointment types”
“Edit” the sample type. (Make a change, press “Save”)
1) You probably want to change the “Daily” option to “Monthly”. 2) Click the box to have the clients enter their timezone (unless yours are all local). Save. Click “View Plans”
Here you can click the “Downgrade: Free Forever” button to head off their suggesting that you pay them money, if you like.
Click the “Scheduling Page Link” in the left menu. The link that shows up will work fine if you send that to clients. But click “Change Link Name”, and you can easily change that link to be “”, which is pretty cool.

That’s It! Send your clients your scheduling link (or embed it in your website, and they can schedule with you!