Using DropBox to Share or Listen to Files

Log in to Dropbox, Upload your File:

  • Type “” into your browser. You may have to create a (free) account.
  • Log in to Dropbox.
  • Click the “Upload” button, which is located near the top of the right column. When the File Explorer window opens, use it to locate the file that you would like to store, share, or listen to.

Get a Dropbox URL for the File:

  • Right-click the file that you have just uploaded. In the menu that opens, click “Get shareable link”. The URL has now been copied into your browser’s Paste Buffer.

Email or Post that URL:

Past the URL into an email message, into a Facebook or other forum post, or anywhere else you would like. Anyone who can see that URL and clicks on it will open a read-only copy of your file. Like this:

Listen to that .mp3/audio file on your Cell Phone.

  • Load the Dropbox app on your cell phone, and run Dropbox. Log in using the same Dropbox credentials as you used above. Dropbox will then copy all of the file headers (file names) that are in your Dropbox account onto your phone.
  • Click on an .mp3 file that you have uploaded. When you first go to listen to that file on your phone, Dropbox will download that file onto your phone (This may take a minute or more). When it finishes downloading the file, Dropbox will play the file. (This is great for listening to recorded lectures while you are out on a walk or a drive).
  • The files will remain downloaded onto your phone for a few days; after that Dropbox will delete them and you will need to download them again. If you intend to listen to the files on a long trip away, download the files before you leave. (You may be able to download them for listening over your data plan, but that may be both slow and expensive. Public wifi often blocks the downloading of .mp3s).