Using Google Drive to Store or Transfer Files

Log in to Google Drive, Upload your File:

  • Type “” into your browser.
  • Log in to Google using your Google Password.
  • Near the top-left corner, there is a multi-colored Plus sign “+” and the word “New”. Click that button and select “File Upload”. A File Explorer window will open. Use that Explorer menu to find the file that you want to upload. Double-click the file, and watch your file be uploaded.

Get a Google URL for the File:

  • Right-click the file that you have just uploaded. In the menu that opens, click “Get shareable link”. The URL has now been copied into your browser’s Paste Buffer.

Email or Post that URL:

Past the URL into an email message, into a Facebook or other forum post, or anywhere else you would like. Anyone who can see that URL and clicks on it will open a read-only copy of your file. Like this: