Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom has a feature they call “Virtual Backgrounds”, which is much like what Weathermen use to look like they are standing in front of a weathermap. The concept is clever, and not too difficult, though you will have to decide whether the result is good enough video for you to be willing to use it.

You may find tutorials saying that you need the “Pro” version of Zoom to do Virtual Backgrounds. This is not true. This tutorial was created from the free Zoom version.

The Virual Backgrounds Feature (also called “Green Screen” or “ChromaKey”) requires you to choose a computer picture, and then to put a solid-color background behind you when you are being videoed. When you turn the feature on, everything that is you gets shown as you on the Zoom screen. Every thing that is green to the camera gets repaced by the computer picture you have selected. The effect is that you look like you are sitting and talking and gesturing in front of the computer picture. Below, I’ve used an $8 Green Screen cloth purchased from Amazon hanging across my kitchen door, and selected an “Outer Space” photograph that is included with the Zoom package .

Zoom has a 90-second video introduction to this feature:

You can also see detailed instructions about: