Zoom: When using Phone Audio is a Good Idea

Note that it is also possible to attend a zoom meeting with video, but to dial in for audio (and it is actually not all that complicated).  This may become useful to you if you find the audio or the video freezing up on you:  my own cable Internet seems to go way for up to 20 seconds sometimes, and sometimes I get a message from zoom saying that I have too many applications open and am low memory (even when I’ve closed all those applications).

If you have zoom open and runnning, the phone numbers are always easily available:   click the arrow next to the “Mute” button on the lower left of the screen, and select “Switch to Phone Audio”.   A window will pop up that (I think) will always say:

         Dial:  +1 408 638 0986
                  +1 646 558 8665
Meeting ID:  857 999 9999 (An ID that is always the same for this hosting account)
Participant ID:  (some 2-digit number).

You can do this at any time in Zoom to get these numbers.  If you just close that window at that point, the window just closes and you are back in your meeting.  This may be useful to, say, call or message someone else and tell them where they can dial in on their phone.  

If you are dialing in yourself, the 2-digit number associates you phone call with your video session, so when you speak Zoom knows who to highlight and switch the screen to.  After you dial the number and the conference number, Zoom will also give you a chance to enter that 2-digit number.

If you are using a landline phone with free long distance and you ever have video problems, this might be worth making your normal procedure.

If you are in the middle of a zoom call and zoom starts failing you, this is a way to get a good audio connection.  The video will fail and come back and do whatever it will do, but your audio connection will be stable.

It is also possible to do this using skype, but guess what:  skype is using the same bandwith that zoom is, so if that is the problem your audio will fail anyway.  Paying for a direct cell phone call means that you will get charged your cell phone minute rate, but you will be using the cell towers instead of your internet service, so the audio will survive regardless of what your internet is doing.