Zoom: You Might be able to Zoom your Zoom (Telephoto)

Zoom Tip: Did you know your zoom camera (probably) has a telephoto setting?

It is slightly awkward to get to, but this works for me on a Windows 10 laptop:
1. Open the “camera” program on your laptop. (Click the “Windows” icon to open the start page, and type “camera”)
2. When your image opens up in the camera, use two fingers to zoom the camera (squeeze the fingers together to zoom in, apart to zoom out).
3. Close the camera. When you next use other programs (like zoom) that do not support this, the camera will remain on the zoom in/out setting that you left it.

For me, this allows me to sit more comfortably far away from the screen, and still have my image reasonably fill the screen. (Some of us like to sit really far away during the meetings).